Recipe: Daily Good Ginger Immunity Spritzer

There are so many good ways to take your daily shot of immunity with Daily Good.

One of our favourites for a warmer day, or even just for when you need a hydration hit is the spritzer.

We've made this with our Organic Fijian Ginger Immunity Shots, but you can use any of our three flavours to make this refreshing and super easy drink.


  1. Grab your favourite tall/larger sized drinking glass and pop a handful of ice in it
  2. Pour in your 50ml shot of Daily Good (hint: it's about "two glugs" worth)
  3. Top up with about 250ml of sparkling water or soda water. You might like to add more or less depending on your preferred strength.
  4. We then popped a few rose petals in ours for a "spring touch"
  5. Enjoy daily!

Not a fan of sparkling water or don't have any on hand? Totally no problem, just switch our the sparkling water for still water.

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