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About Daily Good

Our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (aka ACV) comes from The Mother. 

Daily Good is a great way to take your ACV daily, plus it actually tastes good mixed in to Daily Good!

We source our USDA-certified Organic Ginger and Turmeric from our Fijian partner farm, Ranadi Organics

We then source as many of our other ingredients as possible right here in NZ where Daily Good is made, this includes our Organic New Zealand Mānukau Honey Organic New Zealand Blackcurrants, and Zinc to give you your immunity boost.

We use only the best ingredients possible and in many cases can tell you the exact field and the exact person that planted your organic ginger and turmeric - we think that's pretty special!

Daily Good is very proudly made right here in New Zealand, as well as being NZ-owned and -run.

We're proud to work with New Zealand partners to ensure we produce the very best immunity shots for you!

Our USDA-certified organic Fijian Ginger and Turmeric is grown by our partner farm, Ranadi Organics. 

Ranadi Organics is an award winning female-impact farm, providing livelihoods, education and employment to rural Fijian women. They have a proudly 75% female workforce and are headed up by their incredible CEO, Tupou. There is so much more that Ranadi does in the South Pacific community, we really could go on and on about it all day!

Every bottle of Daily Good helps to support this vital women-impact work.

Well, daily of course!

We recommend taking a shot (50ml) either neat "straight" or diluted in hot or cold water.

You can also take your Daily Good in your daily smoothie, cereal and more, see our Instagram for more inspo.

We always recommend checking with your health care professional before taking any new supplement when expecting. 

We take loads of care when producing Daily Good to make sure it is a high quality product. It goes through all of the pasteurization processes that normal bottled goods go through. You can see the full list of ingredients in each bottle by scrolling through the images to the ingredient and NIP information here: Ginger , Turmeric, Blackcurrant.  

We always recommend you consult your healthcare professional before taking any new supplements.

Daily Good is gluten-free and vegetarian. It does contain Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey as a natural sweetener.

You can see the full list of ingredients in each bottle by scrolling through the images to the ingredient and NIP information here: Ginger , Turmeric, Blackc urrant. 

Yes - we have many juniors who love Daily Good, it's a great way to help your mini-me strengthen their immunity too.

If they find the ginger too spicy then you can mix Daily Good in to water, a smoothie or a little fruit juice... we're sure you know all the tricks!

Children under the age of 14yrs should not exceed one daily 50ml dose. 

Our shots are very versatile and can be enjoyed diluted in cold, warm, or hot water to enjoy all through the year.

You can also mix things up by adding a serving to your daily smoothie or fruit juice where the other flavours should dilute the strength of the ginger kick. You could also try drizzling Daily Good on your fresh salads and more.

Or maybe you're feeling a little more adventurous... Daily Good cocktails/mocktails? Sign us up!

Yes absolutely! Even if you dilute your Daily Good, you will still be getting the same amount of all those wonderful ingredients, it can just be easier for some people who do not like the strong flavour of the ginger and apple cider vinegar. 

In the words of the great Justin Bieber... "never say never"!

However right now, our dosing bottles give you better value and are better for the environment than single shot containers. We can keep packaging costs down for our customers, and by having 7x 50ml doses in each bottle, you have your whole week sorted. 

We're not doctors or scientists... but what we do know is that our Daily Good Immunity Shots are all natural and packed full of good ingredients that are well known to help your body feel the best.

Daily Good helps you get your RDI of Zinc which is a mineral that's vital to your bodies immunity system, we recommend taking Daily Good daily (obviously!) so that you can keep your natural immune function supported.

Ginger is known to be loaded with antioxidants, turmeric's most active compound is curcumin which is a potent anti-inflammatory, apple cider vinegar is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic, manuka honey has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, lemon juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, and zinc helps with sustaining the immune system. 

Per serving, which we suggest is 50ml, there are an average of 5g of carbohydrates. (To put things in to perspective your average apple can have around 25g of carbs).

For our littlies under 14 years of age, please do not exceed one daily dose of 50ml. For anyone else, we recommend 50ml a day to enjoy all the goodness that the ingredients offer however it's always a great idea to speak with a registered health practitioner if you have concerns or questions about the ingredients inside Daily Good. 

Diluting Daily Good is so simple - just pour your daily dose into a glass or heat-proof cup, and add however much water (hot or cold) until you reach a taste you like. Sometimes we like to add sparkling water, for extra pizzazz. Diluting Daily Good does not remove the goodness, it just makes it more enjoyable for some people.

You could also try adding Daily Good to your daily smoothie, or a little fruit juice... the options are endless!

Most places in New Zealand will acccept glass bottles (rinsed and the lid put back on) in recycling collections however it is best to check with your local council as to the specific protocol for recycling glass bottles in your area. 

We understand the price of Daily Good can seem high. This is why we sell our immunity shots as dosing bottles of 350ml. Each bottle contains 7 doses of 50ml, which works out to be around half the price of many single shot products you'll find in stores in New Zealand. Not only does our product save you money on each dose, it also helps to reduce waste.

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Sometimes you may notice that Daily Good can settle, leaving a white liquid at the bottom of the bottle.
This is completely normal and is actually a good sign as it shows the high quality of Daily Good – the white liquid is a naturally occurring compound called gingerol which is a result of our high-quality ginger that we use in all 3 Daily Good tonics. Gingerol is one of the many ingredients that helps Daily Good provide its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
We recommend giving your bottle a ‘good old shake before each dose.

There's no denying we are passionate about all things immunity and extremely passionate about giving you a product that is genuinely going to support your immunity... You don't just go and create a range of immunity shots with this high of a quality just for kicks.

For a little bit more about our immunity and things you should check when looking in to how to support your very own immunity with health and wellness products please see our blog post here

Well, we might be a little biased - but we think yes.
Daily Good gives you the option of getting your daily dose of Zinc to support your immunity in a natural food format instead of through 'pills and potions.' It also means you can add Daily Good to your daily ritual, for example we love having ours with warm water as a morning drink, or adding it to our daily smoothie.


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We have three standard shipping options in New Zealand:

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  • Rural/RD (3 to 5 days) $15.00
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