Our GOOD Immunity: Organic Fijian Ginger

Our *spicy* ingredient 

Now now, not that sort of *spicy* although we think ginger does have a little vamp to it! We're talking about ginger, an ingredient that's known for its rich spiciness and flavour, as well as for the good that this ingredient can have for you and your body.

It's pretty clear that every ingredient that goes into Daily Good's immunity shots has been carefully curated for a specific reason. We've not scrimped when it comes to picking the best ingredients.

When we say we use the best ingredients we don't just mean the highest quality ingredients, but are also the best for where they come from and the very people who grow and make them!

It's a ginger thing...

Daily Good is a product that is designed to do a whole heap of good, and one of it's core ingredients truly is the inspiration behind the whole brand.

Our Organic Fijian Ginger comes from a very special place, Daily Good's partner farm in Fiji, Ranadi Organics.

The Fijian word 'Ranadi' (pronounced ra-nan-dee) aptly translates to mean 'Queen' and we think there couldn't be a more fitting name for this truly special farm. 

Ranadi Organics is a sustainable and women-impact farm that provides livelihoods to its over 80% women workforce.

Daily Good is a purpose-led brand, meaning that it was created to use the ingredients grown by Ranadi Organics, driving even more scale for this vital women-impact work and wider community support.

There really is so much we could say about Ranadi and the support that they, and together with Daily Good, have provided to their community, environment and local economy.

 [Pictured: Elenoa Vinka, Ranadi Organics]

Who grows our ginger?

Well, we could actually tell you exactly who in our Ranadi team have grown every batch of ginger that we use. We know which exact field the ginger was planted in, and exactly who planted and harvested it... and we think that's pretty special.

Ranadi Organics grows all of its ginger on the sustainable farm in Pacific Harbour on the Southern side of the main Island, Viti Levu.

Each field has a name that either has local meaning, for example a Fijian place, or relevance to the community on our farm. [Pictured: Ginger Field; Tavarua]













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